The Steamship Gallery Opening

The Steamship PS’s first art exhibition, featuring and curated by the resident artists.
The Steamship PS, 10/02/2018

The Steamship Crew are inaugurating their Gallery with a steaming exhibition!

Exhibiting artists:
Anna Chiarini
Abigail Burt
Samuel Thomson
Charlie Hubbard
Emile Warnes
Timothy B Möömin
Tori Atherton

Guest live bands will be playing throughout the evening:
Lyndsey Lupe
We Are Replica


A show curated by The Steamship Collective, featuring work by artists based in and around London and India, ranging across all media, topped up with a program of delicious live music.
The Steamship, 17/03/2018

Once again The Steamship would like to invite you on board for its special spring exhibition, ShowBoat. We are excited to take the opportunity to invite you into our beloved off-grid pub space to host our selected artists amongst the dystopian towers of Poplar.

Featured artists:
Abigail Burt
Dibakar Das
Joshua Freddie Vaughan
Karolina Klonowska
Kirsty Kerr
Lily Zoumpouli
Sophie le Roux
Tori Atherton

Live Music:
The Glugg
Llegó la Miel